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With the state of the Covid-19 at this time, we are only doing online offerings and working at the on-line store. Join us, check out our Youtube and stay connected.


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Metta Wellness

Metta means "loving Kindness". 

In every touch, stretch or meditation is a loving kindness.  

I opened Metta Wellness with the understanding of how powerful a touch can be. We live in a world of fast pace, connected to our phones, internet, constant go. The human touch is vital to our mind, body and spirit connect.

Live each day in "loving kindness:.

Creating balance through massage, mediation and wellness at Metta Wellness.

Metta Wellness for you

Metta Wellness is about creating balance though self. When I started this journey, I started with massage and Reiki for clients with cancer. Over the years my path lead me to Thai yoga, Ayurveda, mediation, and wellness coaching for my clients. My focus is creating a space for you to come into balance through connection with your true self.

Heater Small owner of Metta Welness

What makes Metta Wellness Different

The deep love, passion for this work has lead me on this path. From my own journey through wellness I bring this to every session, every practice. Taking the space and time with each client.

Everyone that comes into Metta Wellness to share their gift, has the desire and passion to share. 

Metta Wellness is our dharma, living our truth.

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Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you might have. Our Paxton location is a space offering massage, Ayurveda, Thai massage , Tai Chi and wellness classes.

Along with our offerings we have a small wellness selection of herbal teas, salves, essential oils and wellness gifts. We are a small grass root business, so please call to check if someone is at the front desk.

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Metta Wellness

679 Pleasant St, Paxton, Massachusetts 01612, United States

(774) 420-2460 (office) (508) 615-0960 (cell)

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Or find me in Shrewsbury, MA.

This location is by appointment only. Please text, call or book through our online system.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Metta Wellness

621 Main Street, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 01545, United States

(508) 615-0960

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